Acroyoga for acroyogis

Acroyoga. When yoga meets acrobatics and thai massage, Acroyoga is created. Through Acroyoga we learn to perform acrobatic skills and postures with a sense of ease and balance that we learn through the practice of yoga. Many of the poses might seem intimidating, but there is always a progression that can be worked on that brings us closed to this ideal. Through this practice we strengthen and mobilize our bodies and we learn about new movement concepts that can be applied to everyday life. Through this art of movement, we can be creative in the use of our bodies. The poses we can make together are almost infinite, the transitions between them even more so. There is always more to be learned. Acroyoga is the yoga of trust, because we are relying so much on our partner. At times completely letting go and entering a state of meditation. We learn to communicate on a deeper level, not just verbally but also through gestures, touch and eye contact. The acrobatics or “Solar” side of this practice is the fun part, we we can bring play back to our adult lives. Acroyoga also has a therapeutic side, also called “Lunar”, where we slow down and focus on giving. Different forms of massage are used to soothe the bodies of our partners, releasing tension and reducing stress. Instead of moving, stretching and twisting your own body, in Acroyoga we allow ourselves to be moved by our partners. To completely relax and to then be twisted and stretched in different angles has tremendous therapeutic potential. The main techniques that are practiced are practiced are practiced during an acroyoga workshop are therapeutic flying and Thai massage.